To become a professional material assistant you need various equipments

Your dream of becoming a maternal assistant will finally come true you received this morning the certificate of final approval. But before receiving parents of pieces of cabbage to welcome, you must equip yourself with childcare equipment, toys, games, DIY equipment

What basic maternal assistant equipment you need?

  • Childcare equipment
  • Periculture equipment
  • A small table and stools can be useful

According to your approval and the age of the children you will need the following

For each baby a bed (umbrella or with bars) with possibly the fitted sheet, a deck chair, a high chair , a play mat , a mattress or a changing table. for each larger child  a bed (umbrella or with bars) with or without a fitted sheet, a booster seat to attach to a chair, a plate and a plastic cup, cutlery for children, towels table, mattress or changing table. To know more about home tools and equipment, seek help online.

You will also need a park, mandatory in many departments

To walk, you will need a double or triple stroller, possibly a “step” to attach to the stroller for older children. If you travel by car, one car seat per child is obviously mandatory.

Toys and games

You have to buy games and toys for all ages because children are changing fast.

Wooden toys are a classic

  • From 0 to 6 months rattles, mobiles, gantries, soft toys, music boxes, etc.
  • 6 months to 9 months toys that makes noise, cardboard or cloth books
  • 9 to 12 months balloon, cubes, activity board, toys with keys
  • 12 to 18 months recess games, picture book, bearer, pull toys
  • From 18 to 24 months construction games, musical instrument, puzzle with big pieces, car and garage, doll, dinner,
  • From 2 to 3 years old first board games (lotos, dominoes), disguises, imitation games (doctor’s suitcase, plastic tools, merchant, etc.), Lego Duplo.

Think of children’s music or dance CDs, and story books

Art and creation material, with the older ones, from 12 to 18 months, you can do art and creative activities. For this, fill your cupboards with pencils / markers / colored chalks white and colored

  • paper
  • cartons
  • stickers
  • glue
  • paint / brushes

Of course all this material is a little expensive. Find on our site an article full of tips to buy maternal assistant equipment at low prices.

All about Air Conditioners

The air conditioning system is very useful inside a house because it allows you to adjust the internal temperature of the house, whether it is very hot or cold. An air conditioning system, instead, not only regulates the temperature, but also allows to maintain the right level of humidity and to filter and purify the air, improving the livability inside the home. There are various types of systems, let’s see which one to choose for your home. In case you already own an air conditioner and are looking for repairing services, you can contact best in aircon repair Singapore or good at aircon servicing Singapore.

Differences between Air Conditioners and Air Conditioners for the Home

First of all we must avoid misunderstandings and use the correct terms. The air conditioners only cool the air but do not manage the change or dehumidify the environment. While air conditioners for homes allow the recycling of air, they filter and purify it and are able to dehumidify and, in some cases, also heat the environment. Today, almost all the air-conditioning products on the market are air-conditioners that cool, heat and dehumidify the environment.

Fixed or Portable Air Conditioners

Once you have chosen whether to buy an air conditioner or air conditioner for home, it is important to understand the needs of space, whether to choose a fixed or a portable model:

  • A fixed climate control system allows you to manage the climatic conditions of any environment: temperature level, humidity and air purification. If well positioned and proportioned, it is not necessary to install a single unit for each environment. Obviously they require an invasive installation, made by specialized professionals, but today there are types of fixed air conditioning systems that adapt to all the needs of space (there are wall, ceiling, corner, floor or recessed air conditioners).
  • Portable air conditioners are well suited for small rooms that are easy to warm or cool. They have substantially the same functions also for dehumidification and air filtration, with the only difference being less effective, greater noise, but an extreme ease and ease of movement, without structural intervention on the walls of the house.

Inverter Technology or “On-Off”

The “on-off” technology, the classic technology of the first air conditioning systems, works by alternating activation periods with periods of deactivation of the machine depending on the temperature inside the room. The inverter technology allows you to continuously and automatically adjust the power and operating speed of the air conditioners. Which of the two technologies to choose for a conditioning system? The inverter technology results in energy savings of around 40%!